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The next time someone asks you “Why should I hire you?” or “What are your credentials?” imagine being able to say: “I am a trained professional with a certificate from the National Design Academy.”

National Design Academy (a Division of Eternity Designers), also known as NDA, aims to offer the finest in online certificate courses for dream careers. Each of our 6 week career training certificate courses has been developed to meet high academic standards, ensuring that as a graduate you can display with pride the certificate you will earn from National Design Academy.

With NDA you can earn a certificate in your dream career for an affordable price. You can schedule your learning around your life and earn a certificate in as little as 3 weeks part-time from the comfort of your own home. Get started by clicking on a course below –

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What People Say

What real people said about NDA


Atika Shams

Student – Interior Design
The presentation about the professional practice program has really opened up our minds. It was very well presented by Vaneesh Sir. We could actually relate our situation through his presentation. The full circle concept really seems to be an inspiring programme for us as designers. We can actually get the real practical knowledge which is not possible to achieve in any institute or a college.

Bhawana Chhatwani

Student – Interior Design
The presentation on the Professional Practice program has really boosted us. Till today I was so confused, unaware and was blank about what I will do after my course. But after this session I have got some hope that I can do something in this field. The concept of FULL CIRCLE is very good. In this Mr. Vaneesh has good thoughts for the beginners. Thank you for the presentation and the training your team has provided.

Marlene Massey

Student – Interior Design
He is very good, patient, a good listener and an excellent observer. It is a great opportunity for young designers to start their career as interior designer. The concept is very much related to what we are experiencing at the moment. I felt very connected to the things mentioned and could feel that there is hope …!!!