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Why You Should Study With Us?

The study programs by National Design Academy are dynamic, practical and industry-relevant. These courses gives you greater design awareness and the skills to develop your individual style. If you are interested in design and have a passion for interiors, this course will develop and enhance your skills and knowledge required for creative and technical solutions for detailing complex residential, commercial and institutional interior environments with an emphasis on space creation, space planning and the factors that affect peoples´┐Ż responses to living and working environments. This course/qualification provides the skills and knowledge required for creative and technical solutions for built interior environments. The course will provide you with a breadth, depth and complexity of skills and knowledge for interior design processes that follow a systematic and coordinated methodology. Gain the skills required to research, analyze and integrate your knowledge into designs that meet efficiency, comfort, safety and aesthetic requirements within an interior. Design projects within this course emphasize space creation, space planning, and the factors that affect peoples responses to living and working environments.

Following are the TOP FIVE reasons -

We have small class sizes per batch 14 participants, so you get hands on attention with your trainers. The personal touch and care of trainers helps you in getting more exposure and direct access to the profession.

Students get opportunity to explore and work on live projects. Field visits, market visits and factory visits are organised to give first-hnd exposure to budding designers.

Successful completion ensures the candidates a reasonable job position in the design related industries and also prepares for a good private practice as a design professional.

NDA has arranged for guest lectures by experts from different fields of this industry like - glass, wood, steel, laminates, etc. This gives you in-depth knowledge about he intricacies involved and the fine points that need to be taken care of while designing luxury projects.

National Design Academy has been formed and promoted by Eternity Designers, a member of IIID and a leading Interior Design firm in Faridabad-Delhi NCR. NDA offers industry recognised certification that holds value in the design industry.

Who Should Join NDA?

National Design Academy currently offers Design Programs in the field of Interior Design. These program is open to both Indian and Foreign students above 18yrs of age. To enroll for these Interior Design Programs, the applicant should ideally have completed their senior schooling, have a good understanding of practical mathematics, have good computer skills, be able to use the internet for research, and use a range of office software such as spreadsheets, email, and presentation software such as PowerPoint as well as answering yes to most of the questions below:

  • Do you love colour and texture?
  • Do you have good organisational skills?
  • Are you able to imagine spaces?
  • Do you understand the concepts of scale and size?
  • Do you have good communication skills?
  • Are you good at problem solving and lateral thinking?
  • Are you interested in designing and decorating interiors?

  • Don't wait... Opportunity is knocking at your door.
    If you know you have a designer hidden in you, now is the time to explore the possibilities.

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    Eternity Designers

    National Design Academy is a venture by Eternity Designers, a leading interior design firm based in Faridabad (Delhi NCR). Eternity undertakes interior design consulting for residential, commercial, retail, and hospitality sector projects in North India.

    Being a part of design firm, NDA offers learning and working opportutnities for design students, limited only by space constraints. For a closer look at the design firm you may log on to